Uprow Partner Program

In Uprow Partner Program, you can sign up with us and refer retailers and other prospects to join us and utilize the services/solutions offered by us. Uprow will give you a considerable margin as a referral.

We have designed this program to build a long-term, fruitful relationship with our existing customers and make new relationships with prospects.

Key Benefits of the Program

  • Get full-time support from Uprow team
  • Great referral margins
  • Earn high revenue
  • Receive installation and activation support

Partner Levels Compared

  Solution Partner Sales Partner Referal Partner
Find opportunity
Demo and Solutions
Sales Closure
Installation & Activation
Software Traning
Support Uprow/Partner Uprow Uprow
Partner Revenue 40% 25% 10%


Secured Future

Our partner program has benefits across various business verticals and channels. You can constantly get involved in learning, improve your business processes, and look after long-term growth.

Wide Network

With us, you can constantly widen your network as you will be a part of the ecosystem and not just a program. You will have the opportunity to evolve with the changing market needs and trends.

No Conflict Promise

We are not here to compete with you, rather it is a healthy, fruitful collaboration which ensures the growth of both parties. Hence, we promise no conflict deal to all our existing and new customers.

Guarantee of Investment

We are willing to invest ourselves in your growth. Hence, our organization will never carry out any harmful function, hire your previous employees as your competitors, or break terms of collaboration.

Become a Channel Partner

There are more ways than ever for you to create new business opportunities with POS Software. Uprow is here to help you find one.

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