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Uprow ERP is an online retail inventory management software. You do not need any type of installations. All you need is an internet connection and a web-browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer10.
Uprow ERP is created beautifully with care that requires no or minimum computer knowledge. Once you add or import item, customer, and opening stock of items from .xls file you can make your first invoice.
Uprow ERP allows to import data saved in a .xls file and also to export sales, purchase and other data as a .xls, and .csv file. Also Uprow ERP comes with an inbuilt and integrated financial accounting module which leads to automating the total flow from POS to BALANCE SHEET.
Yes, download the corresponding .xls upload sheet, enter the SKUs, Customers and other relevant details and upload into Uprow ERP.

Cloud Software & Data Security

Cloud POS refers to the way of managing Point Of Sale activities such as maintaining Customers, Stocks, Sales and others on the internet. Just imagine as if your retail stores are on the earth, but business information on the cloud so that you do only selling in your retail store but analyse and make decisions at home or while on the move.
SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Uprow ERP SaaS is a cloud based POS solution on a centrally hosted server. Uprow ERP enables you to access all the stores real-time information at any time anywhere just with a browser and the internet connection.
No. Uprow ERP is a browser independent point of sales system. Uprow ERP works with all the popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer10.
All your transactions and other settings are stored in your domain name on centrally secured host in our premises.
Uprow ERP runs on most modern browsers on variety of operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows and Linux. We would recommend latest versions of Chrome, FireFox, Safari and IE (10 and above) for browsers.

Plans and Pricing

Uprow ERP pricing plans are simple and transparent. If yours is a single store, you can choose the "Single User" plan; otherwise, go for "Multiple Users" plan. The "Starter" plan is for very small stores with lesser transactions. You can also reach our solution experts either by chat/mail/phone to discuss and decide the appropriate plans.
User refers to the number of persons (cashier, accountant and other workers in your retail) who can log on to your Uprow ERP account in and off your retail premises.
User License refers to the number of Anywhere Users who can use Uprow ERP in and off premises.
You can Upgrade or Downgrade your plans and it will reflect in your next billing cycle.
Uprow ERP is self servicable SaaS POS solution. You can setup your store yourself easily. If you still need our Solution Experts assistance, you can opt for the same. The minimum charges for remote setup and training is USD 40.00 per 4.00 hours.
After the expiry of your 14 day trial, your Uprow ERP account will be locked and subsequently after a period (currently 45 days from the Signup date), your account will be deleted permanently in order to make the data storage available for active and new Uprow ERP users. If you need still more days to evaluate, we can extend another 14 more days for sampling the features.
No, there is no minimum contract period in sign-up


No, you do not need to take backup of any data. If required, You can get the data by exporting as .csv, or .xls file.
We store and maintain the required master, transaction and other data on your user account at our facilities in the hosted data center.
In order to prevent loss of data due to errors or system failures, we also keep backup copies of data including the contents of your user account. Hence, your files and data remain on our servers even after deletion or termination of your user account.

Customer Support

We extend our support through E-mail, Live Chat, Phone, online help material and video tutorials
Uprow ERP has a eminent source of Technical Team and Subject Matter Experts to take care of you and your business inquiries, problems, and requirements. Any problem or matter that seems like affecting your business or expectation is resolved within a same day or within the promised timeframe. And also, you will receive an email with the status & one-point-contact authority for your claims periodically. Uprow ERP team assures the timeliness of product support, solution and delivery.
Just send an email to [email protected] for an online-remote training. * Online Remote Training attracts charges of INR 3000.00 (US $ 40.00) per 4.00 hours.
Uprow ERP is simple and very user-friendly that it requires minimum or no prior-computer knowledge; 99.4% of billing staff learned Uprow ERP within few minutes to make POS billing without any difficulties.

Digital Products

We deliver products via Installation on your system or through Cloud services also we extend our support through E-mail at [email protected]
You can read about refund and cancellation here Refund Policy

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