Point of Sale


Uprow POS works on all devices whether it’s Windows or Mac and data syncs at centralized database in the cloud.

Fast Billing & order Processing

Powered with latest technology, Uprow POS is best when it comes to fast billing and order processing.

Uprow Works Offline

No internet? No problem. Uprow will automatically resync your transactions when your internet starts working again.


Add discounts on single item or total sale. Further, you can add notes to certain bills which helps in reducing the discrepancies.

Salesman Commission

Give commission to sales staff based for specific Product, Categories or on profit margin. Uprow POS calculates commission based on defined configurations.

User Accounts

Using Uprow POS, you can make staff accounts and separately manage the access level of each account for enhanced security.

Returns, refunds & store credit

Uprow POS is designed in a way to offer easy return and refund procedure in the system. You can even include store credit functionality.


Integrated card payments

With digital payments increasing, Our Uprow POS provides integration with various in-store payment providers to provide effortless transaction.

Split Payments

Let your customers pay with multiple tender types by accepting two or more payment types e.g cash, card and coupon etc in a single transaction.

Gift cards

Sell gift cards and allow your customer to pay through gift card in store or online. You can track gift card balance and usage.

Partial payments

Uprow POS has the ability to park orders with partial payments, you can accept advance deposits or let your customers pay on account.


Unlimited products:

In Uprow POS, all modules including Uprow lite you can enter and manage unlimited number of products.

Barcode and labels

Import existing or create and print new barcodes. Ensure safe purchase, quick stock takes and faster checkout.

Product variants

Create multiple product variants like size and color. Product can be sold as composites, loose quantities, packaged kit and more.

Bulk import & export

Build your product list in minutes with our existing import template. Import all products at once. Start selling in seconds not in days.

Stock orders

Always know which product is selling the most. Set automatic stock reorder point and have your top-selling products in stock always.

Stock Transfer

Transfer stocks between stores on a single click and save time in entering data manually. Always be aware of exact stock level for all outlets.

Inventory Count

Do full or partial inventory reconciliation , and you can even perform multiple stock counts at the same time.

Purchase and Reorder

Vendor Management

Automatically manage vendor and related activities such as clearing of invoices, new purchase orders, replacements and returns.

Purchase Order Management

Check which products are low in stock and which are already in excess. Automatically raise purchase orders as per the availability.

Accurate Costing

With Uprow POS, you can create formulas to let software automatically calculate purchases cost. Everything from tax to discounts will be handled.

Automated re-order

Never let your most selling product out of inventory with automated re-order feature. Choose the item, set the reorder level and you are good to go.

Purchase Returns

Manage and track vendor returns for incorrect shipments, damaged or defective products or simply products you no longer need.

Customers and Loyalty

Import customers List

We understand managing customer database is laborious. Import your existing customer’s data with our easy import tool.


Create customer profiles and keep all their information in centralized database whether they buy physically at the store or online.

Purchase History

Since every transaction is linked to respective customer profile, you can see and analyse the purchase pattern, loyalty and account balance of customers.

Run Loyalty Programs

Run loyalty programs and grow repeat business. keep your customers revisiting. Utilize OTP for authentication and redeem rewards in real-time.

Gift Card Management

Give away gift voucher and allow your users to purchase gift cards for their family and loved ones. Uprow manage redeem status of gift cards in real-time.

Export Directory

Export your customer database to favorite email marketing tool and promotions in no time.

Email and SMS alert

Regular Alerts

Alert the respective team when your stock levels become inconsistent or low.

Security Alerts

Receive alerts when an employee carries out a task he or she is not is not authorised to do.

Warning Alerts

Receive warning when an employee enters wrong username or password for the backup process.

Welcome Alerts

Send welcome messages and greetings to new users when they make their first purchase.

Purchase Alerts

Send alerts related to purchase and sales made by users to both the user and relevant staff.

Promotion Remindert

Remind users of unused loyalty points, discounts, and offers that will be expiring soon.

Encourage Purchase

Send promotional or sign-up alerts to users who visited you as this will encourage purchase.

Store Management

Cash float

Manage cash float including petty cash. Track all the cash amount which is added or removed from cash drawer with remarks.

Staff access & PIN

Protect your business by granting appropriate permissions to each employee. Record all changes and transactions with individual staff PIN.

Cash calculator

At day end before closing your register, simply add cash by denominations and Uprow will save totals and discrepancies.

Returns & Refunds

Refund past transaction to store credit note, gift cards or back to the customer using the original payment method.

Daily totals

Generate shift reports, find daily totals and track of all payment types and transactions including cash, cards and gift cards.


Expense Tracking

Have better insights into your spending habbits and know where your money is going. Be more confident about reaching your financial goals.


Uprow POS delivers cashflow and profit information on daily basis. Predict when your bills are due and the amount to be paid.

Automatic tax calculations

Uprow automatically calculates sales tax for every period so you know exactly what needs to be paid.

Bank reconciliation

Uprow automatically matches a bank transaction with existing overdue invoices, vendor bills, or bank transfers and spot accounting errors if any.

Financial Reports

Create different type of financial reports like day book, cash/bank book, trial balance, ledger, balance sheet and check the performance of your business.

Cheque handling/Printing

No smudges, no overwriting. Issue professionally computer printed cheques and enhance your brand image

GST filing

Uprow ERP has Secured Billing & Integrated Accounting for smooth GST filing. Manage and Generate e-Way bills as per your business needs.


Sales Insights

Generate report on sales by product, group, subgroup, brand, supplier and much more. Analyse the trend and make better decisions.

Business Intelligence

Use dashboards to check business performance such as monthly sales, purchase made, purchase amount, stock level and cash flow.

Salesman Report

Evaluate the performance of each sales representative. Assign sales target category wise and generate commission report.

Refund Insights

Get data for complained, exchanged, or returned products this will help to Identify low selling or defective products and make better decisions.

Inventory reports

Keeping check of the inventory is very crucial and important for business, let your inventory reports keep you updated.

Day End reports

Get day end reports like daily sale, inventory check and cash in hand at the day closing and via mail.

Accounting Reports

Generate reports about your finances, taxes collected, average spends, Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statemen, Cash book and Bank book etc.

Analyse customer Behavior

Identifying your customer behavior, analyze what your customers want, what is their spending pattern, and who are loyal customers.


SMS Integration

Uprow comes with in-built SMS Integration, just purchase your SMSs and start sharing deals and notes with customers.

Email Marketing

Deliver offers, New Arrivals and schemes to customers via in-built email marketing tool that helps you in designing your own campaign.

Accounting Integrations

Uprow POS comes with inbuilt accounting module. You can manage your accounts in your existing accounting software with Uprow POS integration.

eCommerce Integrations

Integrate with your own ecommerce site or with ecommerce giants like flipkart, Amazon and many more.

Payment Gateway

Enable customers to make payment and securely. Avail payment gateway integration option and open your channels to receive payment.

Multi Store

Multiple outlets

Open as many outlets as you want, our POS software can handle multiple outlets and full chain with centralized database.

Synchronized data

With centralized database Uprow pos synchronizes data in real-time, Manage stock, purchase and view reports at a central location.

Add users

Add users with defined role & Permission. Specify who works at which store, and they will be given access to the modules as per their roles.

Powerful multi-store reports

You can easily manage your multi stores remotely from single location with powerful reporting of sales, taxes and stock.

24X7 Support

Email and Chat Support

You can reach out to us anytime through email or chat support on our website. Our team is dedicated to solving customer issues. Hence, we can assure you quick resolution of any problem or technical issue that you might face.

On-Call Assistance

If you want an immediate resolution to your issues, you can directly reach out to us through on-call support. Our support and guidance team will ensure that you get quick resolution without facing any further issues. Here’s the number you can call us at 84277-57707

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